Virgin Atlantic brings its customer experience to life using Windows 10


In a world where digital technology is evolving and often disrupting any industry you can think of, building and maintaining personalised customer relationships has become more important than ever. That’s why CMOs and brand leaders need to look beyond the traditional marketing tactics of yesterday and embrace new, immersive and unexpected ways of delivering powerful experiences for their customers.

At Virgin Atlantic, we do this every day as we dream up new answers to the question, “how do we get business travellers more excited about travelling with us?” We’ve built customer excitement into everything we’ve done since we were a startup in 1984. Times have changed, and thanks to technology, so have we.

Through our ongoing relationship with Microsoft we brought our digital expertise and passion for irresistible service together to create Ida, an immersive digital adventure built using a Windows 10 universal app, which features specially created content that takes viewers on a guided tour through a virtual Upper Class experience, from check-in to boarding — all on a compact mobile device that can meet the audience where they are.

The video offers a glimpse into the meaning behind our “Let it Fly” philosophy and how we worked with Microsoft to bring it to life through technology. It represents a huge step forward for us as a business and for our customers.

Working with Microsoft has shown us how Windows 10 seamlessly and flexibly enables us to share this experience across multiple devices, while capturing more insightful intelligence about our customers’ wants and needs. Whether we’re at large key trade events or sending field agents for small-scale client meetings, we have a digital experience to share that isn’t the focal point, but rather a way to create curiosity and spark conversations. Better still is how scalable this solution is, and how easy it will be for us to evolve and scale this experience — and any new ones we create — to reach even more customers in new and exciting ways. And only Microsoft has the platform that makes this all possible.

To find out more about the work we’re doing to extend and deepen our customer relationships, please visit our Virgin Atlantic site.