Setting up an environment for Bing Maps SDK-based UWP application

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If you’re working on Bing Maps-based project, then you need to make sure your project environment is setup properly before moving on to coding part. This article will guide you to cover up the basic requirements which needs to be done before moving on to the development phase of it.

Following are the pre-requisites:

  1. Bing Maps SDK
  2. Bing Maps Key

Let us go on each step one by one and have them setup.

Bing Maps SDK

  1.  First step is to install Bing Map SDK, for that click HERE: Download Bing Maps SDK.
  2. Download the extension on your local computer which will be a ‘Microsoft Visual Studio Extension‘ type file such as Bing.Maps.vsix.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, right click on file and click Open.
  4. It will start a VSIX installer and start initializing as shown belowvsix-installer-initializing
  5. After initializing, it will display the list of Visual Studio which needs this extension. In my case, it is displaying Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 as shown below. Click Install to install this SDK extension to the selected Microsoft Visual Studio version.
    NOTE: If any of your Visual Studio already has this SDK extension installed, it will not display in the list.vsix-installer-installation-option
  6. It will start installing the extension and the following screen will display:vsix-installer-installating
  7. Once the installation is complete, it will display a successful message as shown below:vsix-installer-complete
  8. Once the installation is completed, we will now verify the extension. Open Microsoft Visual Studio which was selected to install this extension. Click on Tools and then Extensions and Updates… as shown below:visual-studio-extension-menu
  9. It will display another popup displaying all the extensions which are installed on this Microsoft Visual Studio. Under Installed, click on SDK as shown below and it will display a list of SDKs which are installed on this version of Microsoft Visual Studio:visual-studio-extension-tab
  10. You should see Bing Maps SDK for C#, C++ or Visual Studio SDK extension in the list.


 Bing Maps Key

Once Bing Maps SDK is installed, our next step is to get the Bing Maps Key. Following are the steps to get a Bing Map’s key:

  1. Go to Bing Map Dev Center by clicking here:
  2. Sign in or open an account on Dev Center
  3. Once you logged in the account, click on My Account and click on Create or view keys as shown below:bing-map-dev-center-tab
  4. It will display an option of creating a new key as shown below. Click on creating a new key:bing-map-dev-center-keys
  5. It will display the following form which needs to be filled click Create:bing-map-dev-center-application
  6. Once it is done, it will create a key for you and display it on the main-page.
  7. You may use this key for all your development. It is always recommended to use different key for different projects as it may help you to enable or disable the keys without any hassle.

Once both the pre-requisites are met, we are now ready to develop Bing-Maps SDK based applications.

I will be posting few samples for you in regards to Bing Map SDK based development which I hope will come out useful for you.

I hope this article help you in learning about setting up the environment for Bing Maps Application.

Have fun! :)