Room service: How IoT creates a custom hotel experience

This week at HITEC, the huge hospitality technology conference in Austin, Microsoft and our partners are demonstrating a hotel room of the future with a concept called the “Connected Room.” The scenario brings together multiple pieces of technology — including environmental controls, room service menus, amenities and entertainment — in a single Windows 10-based, voice-controlled system that personalizes and simplifies the guest experience.


“On average, a typical hotel guest will spend about 12 minutes figuring out the thermostat, light switches, TV controls and how to find hotel amenities,” write Greg Jones, Microsoft’s managing director of Worldwide Hospitality and Travel. “The Connected Room is designed to streamline that process.”

Featuring connected mobile devices and the cloud, this solution shows the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to add value for hospitality organizations, by enabling insights on everything from guest satisfaction and financial reports to energy use and staff optimization. “Technology is transforming the business in a big way,” writes Jones. You can read the full post on the Business Matters blog.