Now available: Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP

Windows Kinect Updates

To help integrate Kinect for Windows into Universal Windows Platform apps, two items are now available: a code sample that helps access pixels of each individual frame directly in a highly efficient way and a new driver.

The API now available on GitHub as part of the Windows universal samples uses Windows.Media.Capture.Frames APIs to enumerate the Kinect sensor’s RGB/IR/depth cameras and then uses MediaFrameReader to stream frames. This API is designed to work not only with the Kinect sensor but with any other sensors capable of delivering rich data streams.

The Kinect driver on Windows Update enables the new UWP API and uses the Kinect color camera as a normal webcam. This means that apps that use a webcam, such as Skype, can now employ the Kinect sensor as their source. It also means the Kinect sensor can enable Windows Hello for authentication via facial recognition.

Find out more about the Kinect additions on Building Apps for Windows.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff