New Azure innovations unveiled to help businesses prosper in the cloud

Azure datacenter

A host of new Microsoft Azure innovations to help customers transform their businesses are being unveiled Tuesday at AzureCon, a free online event.

As container technologies change the way apps are built, deployed and run, Microsoft is announcing the new Azure Container Service, an open-source container scheduling and orchestration service built around Apache Mesos. A preview will be available by the end of this year.

Microsoft is also unveiling the Azure Security Center, a centralized Azure service that gives customers broad visibility and control of the security of their Azure resources, helping them stay ahead of any potential threats as they evolve.

And in big news for cloud infrastructure globally, Microsoft is now the first public cloud provider in India, writes Jason Zander, corporate vice president of Azure Infrastructure, on the Microsoft Azure Blog. Azure will be immediately available in three regions of India, with Office 365 services and Dynamics CRM to come.

“These announcements all further our ambition to deliver the industry’s most intelligent cloud — a cloud which has the power not just to transform businesses, but to transform lives,” Zander writes. “By delivering unique and differentiated offerings across app development, data, IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud infrastructure, we aim to empower our customers to make cloud-born innovation a simple and affordable reality, regardless of the tools, languages or platforms they use.”

Microsoft also announced the N-series, a new family of Azure Virtual Machines with GPU capabilities, and the Azure Complete Pre-Purchase Plan, a new pricing program.

And that’s not all. See what else is being unveiled today at AzureCon and learn more on the Microsoft Azure Blog.

Tracy Ith
Microsoft News Center Staff