How to create wire-frames for Windows, tablets and Windows Phone using PowerPoint

Design Template for PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a very powerful tool when it comes to presentation and delivering numerous ideas to others. Similarly, sometimes we want to display wire-frames of our applications which might running on Windows platform on PC, tablets or Windows Phone. This article will help you to understand how to create wire-frames for Windows platform using PowerPoint. We will be using PowerPoint 2016 with Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus subscription.

In order to add wire-frame shapes in PowerPoint, we will need to download the shapes for the PowerPoint Storyboard. You may download the Design Template for free from this link:

Design Templates for PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrators

You may download the design templates for PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. We will download it for PowerPoint.



Click on “Download the design templates for PowerPoint” link and the download will start. Save it on your hard-disk and unzip the file. It will have the following contents:

  1. Storyboard Shapes folder which will have the .sbsx file for PowerPoint
  2. Readme file
  3. PDF file explaining instructions about UWP app templates for PC
  4. PDF file explaining instructions about UWP app templates for tablets
  5. PDF file explaining instructions about UWP app templates for Windows Phone

We will now import the storyboard shapes in PowerPoint to use them in our presentation.

  1. Open PowerPoint and select a Blank Presentaiton.
  2. Click on Storyboarding tab. You will see the following options


  1. Click on ‘Import Shapes’
  2. Select the .sbsx file and open it. It will import all the shapes in the PowerPoint
  3. It will display a Storyboard Shape tab after importing all the shapes as shown below


  1. Now you may import these shapes within your presentation to display a mockup.

power-point-wireframe demo

I hope this was helpful to those who wants to make their presentation ideas more realistic and smart.

Enjoy PowerPoint 2016, a great tool to be with!