How to add splash screen and tiles to the UWP Solution

windows-tiles-splash-screenEvery time we make an application in the Visual Studio, the project needs to have its splash screen setup along with its tiles. Although Visual Studio provides the blank (with square made) designed splash screen with tiles, it is necessary to change it before we publish it to store or pass it on to client.

Following are the basic steps which needs to be done to setup the splash screen and tiles for your application:

  1. Go to solution explorer and double click the property tabsolution-explorer
  2. After double clicking, it will open the properties of the solution and it will display different options as shown belowproperties-information
  3. It will display the package details and other options which maybe configured for this application. Click on Visual Assets tab as shown below:properties-tabs
  4. In Visual Assets tab, click on All Image Assets as shown below, it will display all the assets which may be uploaded regardless of the devices and sizes:All-image-assets
  5. Scroll down and you will see different resolution logos along with the resolutions written next to it. In order to upload the images, click on ‘…’ option next to each box and choose the logo file. It will replace these black boxes with the image uploaded.
    Note: One doesn’t have to upload ALL the logo dimensions, however, to the minimum one has to upload the logos which are in WHITE boxes as shown below:logo-images-boxes
  6. Badge Logo: In order to change the badge logo, scroll to the end of this page (Visual Assets) and you will see a heading ‘Badge Logo’, replace the WHITE box to the minimum and all the boxes to the maximum under this heading and it will replace the badge logo.badge-logo
  7. Splash Screen: Splash screen option is the last option on this page in the list. Scroll to the bottom of the page and replace the boxes under that heading.splash-screen
  8. Once all the images are replaced (minimum the WHITE boxes), we are ready to save the project and re-build it.

After rebuilding the application you will notice that it will replace your Splash screen to the new one selected and it will replace your Badge Logo and you will have a new logo displaying in Windows or Windows Phone. Also, you will see the logo used within the app will be now replaced with the logos selected in above steps.

I hope this article came out useful for you to give your application a branded look.

Happy Coding! :)